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At times in our lives we can be landed with situations that can leave us feeling lost and uncertain. This can have a negative experience on your daily living. At Building Bridges I aim to help you explore these concerns to aid you make better choices to move you through these difficult situations. This is where therapy can be useful as it helps people better understand themselves and have a more meaningful life.

Making the decision to find a counsellor can be a difficult task, whether it is your first time or you are returning back to counselling. It can be a huge step in itself, as you may be experiencing a number of feelings, such as: what if I look silly, what if my problems seem unimportant or what if I don't know where to start? This is normal; honestly do not let this stop you. Please don't hesitate to call me and ask any questions, and then decide if you would like to come along to a free consultation? It's my belief that we all have our own answers to our difficulties and sometimes all we need is a safe place to explore our concerns. Also there are times when the ones closest to us aren't the best people to discuss our concerns, as our relationships with family and friends can often be the source of our distress.

Affordable Counselling €50.00 per Session

Contact for any queries or to book an appointment between 10am and 8pm Monday to Saturday.